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A Few Tips on How to Get Your Ex Back

Are you looking for tips on how to get your ex back? That is perfectly understandable, as break up pain can feel completely overwhelming and unbearable. To make things worse, it can be hard to get advice or tips to get your ex back because most people will advise you to just get over your ex or to just "move on."

To get your ex back, you first have to understand your break up. The first step is to crack the cryptic "code" that your ex left you with. You see, we give all sorts of reasons for why we no longer want to be with some one, but if your relationship is anything at all like all of the other ones out there, then you're probably feeling very confused about why your ex seems to feel differently and no longer wants to be with you.

Let me give you a tip: your ex did NOT break up with you because of anything specific that you did or said. Sure, your ex may have TOLD you a specific reason for wanting to break up -- chances are that you even believed them. But it's not the truth. Allow me to explain...

People go through their life basing their decisions off of their emotions. This applies to men, women, children, husbands, wives, boyfriends, and girlfriends! However, because our society frowns upon emotional decision making and encourages the use of rational logic, people will often "make up" a reason for something to justify their decision that they don't even fully understand themselves.

Basically, it works like this:

1) Your ex starts feeling like they no longer want to be with you (I'll explain what triggers this in a moment)

2) Because your ex knows that you will want a reason, they will blame the break up on a specific event, or just make up some cryptic, nonsensical reason for why they no longer want to be together, leaving you hurt and confused

3) You are left to either think that a specific event caused your break up, or to ponder what your ex's confusing words really mean

Want proof?

If you're not sure about what I'm telling you, then take a look at how many people stay in bad or broken relationships, despite the entire world's better judgement. You and I are probably no exception. We stay in relationships like those because of the way we feel, and not because of any logical reason.

Therefore, we can assume that emotions overpower rational thinking by a long shot! Guess what that means?

It means that your ex broke up with you for entirely emotional reasons, no matter what they told you. But there's some good news here, so listen up for this little tip to get your ex back: you have to change their mood, which is easier than changing people's minds.

The emotion that makes us want to be with someone is attraction. Not just attraction in the physical sense, but in an emotional and spiritual sense as well.

When this strong feeling of attraction, also known as "a spark" is lost between you and your ex, they will no longer feel like they want to be together.

I know of psychological ways to reignite this spark and make your ex want to be with you again. Some might consider these techniques "manipulative" in nature, but here's what I believe:

If you truly have good intentions for why you want your ex back... meaning you want to treat them with respect and kindness...

Then there's absolutely nothing wrong with using whatever "sneaky" technique it takes to get your ex to feel that sense of attraction for you again.

But here's the "catch":

I'm not going to share the psychological techniques here in public. If you want to know how to get your ex back, you're going to have to click the button below you to get into the private area of this website.


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P.S. Remember -- you attracted your ex in the first place, and you can do it again. You've already proven that you have it in you. Now all you need is a blueprint to help you attract them again. I hope my get ex back tips have helped give you a little hope. I'll see you inside the Get Ex Back Club.


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