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Mistakes to Avoid While Trying to Get Your Ex Back!

This article is for all those broken hearts out there.  I truly feel for you, because I have been through it, and pretty much every one of my friends has been through it at one time or another… even the ‘toughest’ of them.  So don’t feel bad for what you’re feeling… it’s natural. 

But if you can face the light just for a minute, I’d really like to give you a brief reminder of certain things that you can avoid to greatly heighten your chances of re-bonding with your ex.  I want to help people avoid the mistakes that we usually know not to make, but can forget during these hard times…

Today I want to touch on something that I think will help you a lot, ESPECIALLY if you’re going through the hard experience of trying to get your ex back or repairing a relationship.

The other day, I was having a conversation with my friend Lisa (name changed to protect the innocent… I’ve always wanted to say that!!).  One thing led to another, and eventually I dragged the conversation into the realm of male-female relationship talk (one of my favorite subjects, hence why I’ve made an entire site about it!)

Now I always considered myself an optimist, but with the latest influx of success stories I’ve been hearing, I’m even more confident that just about anybody can get their ex back… IF they know the ‘magic buttons’ to use. 

But Lisa didn’t think so.  She said that she couldn’t think of anyone that has gotten back together, only people who desperately WANTED to get back together. 

Now I was hooked.  How could it be that this like-minded friend of mine had been observing the OPPOSITE of what I have?  Most of my friends get back together with their exes, as long as they do a few crucial yet simple things. 

It even seems to work when atrocious wrongs have been committed.  I’ve seen people make up through it all – infidelity, loss of passion, and sometimes… even violence.

It didn’t take long for me to realize the truth.  Lisa had an entirely different way of thinking than I.

The truth is, Lisa DID know lots of people who got back together… but she attributed these happenings to something that was largely OUT OF ANYONES CONTROL.  She thought that in order to get an ex back, the ex would have to already WANT to come back.

But that simply isn’t true! 

The truth is, there are certain techniques that ANYONE can use… to have an almost unfair advantage when it comes to regaining the love of their ex partner. 

Just as there are techniques to find love in the first place, there are techniques to bring it back…

But I'll talk about those later.

Right now, I am going to show you the most common mistakes to AVOID.  Half of success is knowing how to fail – and then avoiding failure at all costs!  Know thy enemy…


I understand why you would do this.  You understand as well, that it’s only because you love your ex, and the truth is you really do want them to take you back.  You feel so hopeless without them, that you don’t have time to think.  But you feel that if you can just tell them enough times… or send the message more loudly…

STOP.  In the right state of mind, you probably already know that this works against you.  That’s what this page is here for – to give you a gentle reminder NOT to act so desperate.

I’m not advocating being “fake.”  I believe in honestly and realism at all times.  You feel desperate, right?  Well I’m on your team!

BUT… you have to change how you ACT on your feelings of desperation.  The problem with desperation is that there is somewhat of a CONSPIRACY going on.  Not in the literal sense… but what I’m saying is that society trains us to look down upon desperate people, even label them as psychotic…

Because of the world we live in and our upbringing, your ex will most likely only shy away from you the more you try to beat them over the head with the idea of getting back together.

But there ARE ways to communicate your love WITHOUT coming across as desperate.   Read on…

Mistake #2: TRYING TO INFLICT GUILT, or "You've hurt me too! I stick it out, you run away! You're making a mistake! I love you, no one else will love you like I do! You're gonna want me back, just wait!  LOOK WHAT YOU’VE DONE TO ME YOU %#@%#@%!”

Here, again, is the perfect example of something we already know, but can be difficult to remember in the hard times. 

When you first met your ex… was your strategy at winning their affection and showing yours to GUILT them into love? 

NO, it wasn’t!

One of the keys to reigniting passion and repairing your relationship is to do more of what works, and less of what doesn’t… and trying to bring our ex down and make them feel as low as we do is something that DOESN’T work.  Most people do a lot of anyway.  Don’t be like most people!

Mistake #3:  Simply not stopping to realize how irrational love has made you!

I’ve said it several times now -- these common mistakes are actually things that we USUALLY know not to do!

So the most important thing is to slow down, and formulate a plan…

The fact is, this love is one of the greatest things you’ve ever had… right?

Of course it is.  That’s why you’re here fighting for it.

Hats off to you, because most people simply DON’T know that they should be slowing down, formulating a plan, and getting help…

You’ve shown that you’re a strong person by doing what most people are afraid to do – reach out for help.  Now take action!  I’m rooting for you!

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