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Should You Try and Get Back Together With Your Ex?

For Those Who are Wondering If They Should Try and Get Back Together With Their Ex:

Ultimately, no one can answer that question except you.

However, you are probably in a difficult and vulnerable point of your life, and would like some guidance. Are there ways you can tell if you should get back with your ex or not?

The first question I would ask you, is if you never broke up, where did you see your life with your ex going?

Did you expect your relationship to last a long time? Or did you feel like this break up was inevitable for a long time?

You have to be careful not to push too hard to try and fix something that was actually over a long time ago.

When do you know if a relationship is over?

It's easy. When there is absolutely no passion left, that is usually a death sentence for a relationship. It's hard to reignite passion.

If your ex seems to feel sort of "indifferent" for you, then hope is probably lost.

On the other hand, if your ex is upset or angry with you, this is a good indicator that there is some potential passion there. Where there is passion, there is a chance to "reignite the flames" and spark the relationship back up.

Still, before you decide to make the commitment to decide to get your ex back, make sure you're being fair to yourself. Do you really need the stress of a relationship right now? Or are you better off without them?

If you think you are better off without your ex, then I encourage you to move on.

But if you feel like you simply can't live without them and you want to try to get them back, then I'll be happy to give you some encouragement.

Encouragement for Those Who Decide They Want to Get Their Ex Back

In light of all the negative feedback most people get from their family and friends after a relationship, I feel that this positive reinforcement is necessary. 

Don’t get me wrong, your family and friends genuinely want to help you.  Unfortunately, from my experience, they usually don’t realize that shooting down and devaluing the one thing that is on your mind day in and day out is not the way to go…

I can remember the times when my heart has been broken, and those closest to me think what I want to hear is how much better off I am without the person I love, or what a great thing it is!

Well, it sure didn’t feel great.  And I’m about to tell you the opposite of what others may be telling you.  Don’t be shocked.

Let’s face it, we live in an anti-love society.  And it seems like that trend is growing stronger all the time!

It’s not exactly “cool” to be in love anymore.  Gone are the love ballads of Sinatra.  We are now officially in the age of “hit it & quit it.”  At first glance, it seems like this prevalent attitude means that more and more relationships are doomed to fail from the get-go.

Why, then, do you feel that loneliness and desperation since the loss of your ex? 

It’s most likely because you are a strong, independent individual and you simply cannot just follow the love-hating sheep herd out there.  You fell in love, and that’s that!

So, as someone with a happy love story of my own, I’m going to join you in going against the grain and tell you exactly why you SHOULD make up with your ex.

With all my life experiences, I have learned one thing that stands out among all other things learned.

That realization I’ve had is that our bodies NATURALLY let us know when we are doing something right, and when we are doing something wrong. 

A great example of this to illustrate my point is PAIN.  Pain is something we’ve all experienced.  Most of us even know that physical pain is a way of our body telling our brain that it is being threatened.

Well, emotional pain isn’t much different.

The anguish, loneliness, and desperation you are feeling since being separated from your ex are real, emotional pains. 

Just as your nerves will tell your brain to remove your hand from the hot stove because it hurts, if you have the symptoms of "heart break", then your brain is telling you that you still care a great deal about your ex.

I want you to know that as someone who is familiar with the many ups and downs of love, understand your pain and I’m on your team.

The reality of the situation is that real people get back together all of the time. Some relationships "fix themselves", while others do not.

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