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3 Signs Your Ex is Still in Love With You

Although sometimes it can hurt so bad that we wish we could just break off all emotional ties and connections with our exes, that’s usually not what happens.  Yet when a relationship ends, we’re often left wondering where exactly we stand with our ex. Is it possible to see signs that your ex is still in love with you or wants you back?

If your ex was ever emotionally connected with you to begin with, it’s very unlikely that they can break that bond easily.  That may sound great, but you’d still like to know if there are telltale common signs that most people exhibit when they are still interested, right? 

Well there ARE telltale signs, and I’m going to give them to you.  The final one is the big one that is common in almost all people, so skip to the end of the article if you wish.

Sign #1: They Hold the Good Times Dear

This is often an easy way to gauge whether or not your ex still cares about your relationship.  Even though your ex may want to move on, they’re undoubtedly having at least some trouble doing so.  If they still think fondly of your past, then that means they still have an ideal of the two of you that they’re holding on to and would probably love to get back. 

If you still have contact with your ex, you can easily put this one to the test by bringing up a mutually positive experience that the two of you shared, and see if it affects them or if they’re indifferent.  The more emotional they get (whether it be happy, sad, or mad) at the reminder, the better.

When they pass this test, the next step is to educate yourself on how to rekindle the lost passion in your relationship and make those memories reality again.  Click here if you’re serious about learning how to do that.

Sign #2: They are Talking About You, and Therefore Thinking About You

What most people try to do when a relationship ends is try to focus on themselves in order to feel better. So even if your ex is secretly thinking about you day and night, chances are they aren’t showing it to you or telling you the truth.

But most couples have mutual friends or family members that will be in touch despite the rocky state of the relationship.  If you and your ex have some of these mutual relationships, then they can easily be turned into a resource to gauge just how much your ex is still thinking about you.

Have they been asking about you or talking about you?  Even if they’re trying their hardest to get over you, they’d have to be superhuman to avoid mentioning someone they love to a mutual friend or relative.

Sign #3: They are Mad, Angry, Upset, or are Otherwise Emotional over the Breakup

Funny little thing here, but if your ex is sour or mad or otherwise emotional over you or your relationship going south, then this is the strongest sign that they are still in love with you. 

This may sound paradoxical, but it’s only because of the way that we’re brought up in society.  We’re taught that everything is a polar opposite… good and bad, light and dark, and love and hate.  But the fact is that love is just a word for very strong emotions… and so is hate!

As long as someone acts and seems emotional about you, they care.  If they didn’t care, they wouldn’t be getting emotional.  Is your ex dry and cut-off from you, or are they upset with you?  I’ve found that this is often the most telling sign of persistent feelings, no matter what your ex says.

People mask their true feelings because they talk about what they WANT to feel and think, not what they ACTUALLY feel and think.

So if your ex is masking their true love for you, and trying but failing to break your connection… then the deck is already stacked in your favor.  You just need to play your cards right and get them to realize how much better off they are accepting their feelings for you instead of fighting them.

Be careful what you do or say, as these are turbulent times where the words and actions you choose are extremely important.  You want to appeal to their heart, and change their mind.  It’s a delicate balance.

If you need further help or more specific instructions on what to do, I recommend that you check out this section of the website.

Good luck.  I hope that the truth has set you free…



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