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What to Do if Your Ex is Sending You Mixed Signals

What do you do if your ex girlfriend or boyfriend is sending you mixed signals and driving you crazy? Maybe you feel like you want them back and are still hurting over your break up... and the things they are saying sound nice, but don't match what they are doing or how they are treating you.

Unfortunately, this is more common than most heartbroken individuals would like. Many people after they dump someone insist on "playing games" -- they like or love certain aspects about their ex partner, and so don't want to completely let go. Your ex may still say the same old sweet things to you. They may call you or want to spend time together. They may even still be having sex to you.

But then when it comes down to it, they tell you that they don't want to be together. In spite of all of the "warm" feelings they're sending you. It's enough to completely shatter an already broken heart!

Examples of Mixed Signals Your Ex May Be Sending You

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