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1. How can I get my ex back?

The first step in getting your ex back is to actually stop doing things that are actually hurting your chances. Make sure to check out the following article for more detail:

Mistakes to Avoid While Trying to Get Your Ex Back

2. What if my ex has a new boyfriend or girlfriend and wants to move on?

If your ex is already trying to move on, relax, it doesn't necesarilly mean that they've gotten over you. Most of the time, a rebound relationship or rebound dating partner is simply being used to help relieve the emotional stress of a break up. Need some hope? Maybe my article 3 Signs that Your Ex is Still in Love With You can help.

3. What if I need a step by step plan or method to get my ex back?

There are quite a few options, actually. Make sure to read the advice on this site. If you just want a step-by-step method, I also reccomend The Magic of Making Up. It even comes with a pre-written "second-chance" letter (fill in the blanks!) that you can send to your ex right away to get started.















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